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Breaking Waves

Vocal Theatre

About the Company

Jason Davis Tenor, Lucy Hayes Davis Mezzo Soprano, Opera Singer, Voice Teacher Halifax NS, Singing Lessons Halifax NS, Voice Lessons Halifax NS, Music Lessons Halifax NS, Youth Theatre Halifax NS, Best Voice Teacher Halifax NS, Music Lessons Halifax NS, Music Theatre Halifax NS, Opera Halifax NS, Youth Theatre Halifax NS, Musicals Halifax NS

Welcome to the Breaking Waves Vocal Theatre web page! We are an artistic collective of some of Halifax’s most popular and respected theatrical singers and musicians. Our performances span across countless vocal genres as we consistently strive to push the limits and artistic expectations of both traditional and contemporary works.

Our mandate is to produce raw, bold re-interpretations of dramatic vocal repertoire in non-traditional spaces with reduced accompaniment, to focus on the full force and intimacy dramatic vocal theatre allows us to share between artists and audiences. The results provide innovative staged, un-intimidating, affordable and crucially high quality vocal theatre for everyone.

Come see for yourself!

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